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Valentine’s Day Marketing Campaign Ideas

1. Meet Your Match

Meet Your Match
In this campaign, you can showcase products that go well together. People need to be inspired because sometimes, they have no idea what to buy on Valentine’s Day. This type of campaign is great because it allows you to cross-promote product categories and increase average order values. For example, you can feature some beautiful necklaces with matching bracelets.

2. Gifts She Will Love

Gift She Will Love
This campaign is great for anyone looking for a gift for her. You can showcase popular products for women based on bestsellers or high ratings and positive reviews. Don’t forget to use lifestyle images since it will help shoppers visualize how it would look on them.

3. Gift He Will Love

Gift He Will Love
Valentine’s Day isn’t for women only. Men want gifts too! In this campaign, you can showcase some gift ideas men would love to receive on this romantic day. Remember to also use lifestyle images showing a man with the product.

4. This Is What She Wants

This Is What She Wants
Guide shoppers in telling them exactly what women want to be based on this year’s trends. People like to gift popular items. You can use this campaign to highlight top trending products within each of your departments or categories.

5. Date Night, Done Right

Date Night, Done Right Date nights on February 14th are special and shoppers would want to make sure everything is perfectly planned. Help them plan for it by giving ideas on what they can buy to set the mood. For example: If you sell candles, showcase romantic scents and candle colors.

6. Practice Self Love, Treat Yourself

Practice Self Love, Treat Yourself
Not everyone has a partner to celebrate with during this day. Some of us might simply want to treat ourselves to something special. Launch a campaign that features items people would buy for themselves. For example A bathrobe or a book.

7. Last Minute Valentine Gifts

Last Minute Valentines Gift
This campaign is perfect for procrastinators. It’s your opportunity to feature product last-minute ideas for those who haven’t bought anything for their love. During this campaign, consider offering free shipping or a reduced rate for express shipping.

8. The Valentine’s Day Gift Shop

The Valentine'S Day Gift Shop
If you have a lot of products to showcase on Valentine’s Day, simply create a Valentine’s Day Gift Shop. On this page, you can feature all the different products and product categories fit for this campaign.

9. Love Your Pet

Love Your Pet Some of us might not have a significant other to share our love with this during Valentine’s Day, but we might have a loving pet. If you sell pet products, this is an opportunity for you to reach those pet owners.

10. Valentine’s Day Giveaway

Valentine'S Day Giveaway A great way to support your Valentine’s Day campaigns is to host a giveaway. If people aren’t interested in buying something, they can at least take part in your giveaway. This can help acquire new emails as well as generate some buzz on social media.

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