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Rest assured that in our hands, you will be infinite.




    You have an idea or a problem, and is aware that we can potentially help you with the solution. Together, we will flesh out relevant information and surrounding factors so we can qualify if you, as a customer, and we, as a service provider, are a perfect fit.

    As per the product requirements and constraints, we will propose realistic goals based on your preferred budget and schedule. We have various engagement models for you to choose from. However, we also recognize that each customer is unique so we can discuss and customize your preferred model for your circumstances, if needed.


    To conduct our services professionally and start our relationship in a formal manner, we must agree on the terms that will govern our interactions. Good news is, the kick off meeting can be as early as a day after, up to an average of five (5) business days since inquiry.


  • PLAN

    To start an "iteration", we need you to define deliverables based on business objectives as we break them down in more manageable and workable pieces. In addition, we need to determine their priorities based on risk and value. In an iteration, we aim to deliver a “minimum viable product” or an MVP which is already functional and valuable despite being partially complete.

    We perform research, design, coding, testing and/or any other activities to deliver what has been planned. This includes a scheduled daily meeting wherein we identify our completed and pending deliverables, as well as any blocker that prevents our team to do what they need to do.

    We discuss among ourselves what we need to keep doing, what we need to change, and improvements we can make, all in the effort to be better next iteration, and to deliver more in terms of both quality and quantity. This is the end of an "iteration".

    We check if the deliverables are accurate and complete based on what we have planned. We then let you sign off on the items that are completed to confirm acceptance.



    After all the project milestones are finished and the product has been approved, the project is launched and deployed into production.



    Once product is deployed in production, our services extend up to maintaining the product for problem discovery and fixes, enhancements, performance, and reliability.