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How to Create a Digital Marketing Plan for 2018

The process of running a business is hard in itself. You will think of profit, the overall operations, your teammates, and of course. The concerns of your customers. Successful companies and businesses do not only focus on the above-mentioned details but also on their marketing plans.

This 2018, spending for traditional marketing strategies is not enough – this is the right time to focus more on making your presence felt in the digital space.

Yes, you need a Digital Marketing plan. But Digital Marketing is challenging and you need an expert to strategize and execute your plans for your business and your company. Do not fear, we are giving you our INFINITips that will guide you as you craft your strategies and plans for your digital presence.

Build a bridge before crossing the river.

Build A Bridge Before Crossing The River By Infinity Hub Blog

The most common mistake for most businesses is they tend to jump into the digital scene without being equipped with the knowledge and they eventually get drowned with the information and ended up wanting to do everything.

The first step is to assess your current marketing strategies; your company’s current status and list down the challenges you have encountered or the threats that you think your company might encounter in the future.

Yes, you should also check your current financial status and ask yourself “How much am I willing to invest in strategizing my digital marketing plan?”

Invest, yes you heard it right. Digital marketing is a long-term investment and not just another expenditure. If you were able to craft a very good digital marketing strategy. It will make you reap satisfied and loyal customers and be able to boost your sales twice, thrice the current one.

Ask yourself, “Given my business’ current situation, am I ready to invest for its brighter future?”

Assess. Think. Think again. I am sure you are.

Building the bridge – the NEEDS vs WANTS

Digital Marketing Plan 2018 Needs Vs Wants By Infinity Hub

The challenge is not just about building the bridge but knowing what do you need to build such a bridge so you could cross that digital space with ease.

For some, Digital Marketing is all about having Social Media accounts and websites and if you have those accounts. You already have a Digital Marketing strategy! No. Posting on social media every single day and writing blogs for your website often does not make a good Digital Marketing strategy if you do not think of your customers.

Like building a real bridge, you have to understand that not all materials are good for the bridge. In the Digital space, not every business needs a website and not everyone gets to reach their customers on Facebook or Twitter by just having a Facebook page or Twitter account.

You need to know what will be the right platform for your business so you could reach your customers and turn them into quality leads. You should ask yourself these questions: *Knowing your customer Segment

Who are my customers? – Do not say “everyone” or every Filipino or all boys. You need to categorize your customers because every customer has a different need. Good marketing strategy targets customers because they know the customers too well.

Where can I find them? – Once you were able to know the customer segment (Ex: Millennials in Manila), you will know what platform should you use to get in touch with them.

Customer Segment: Millennials in Manila
Digital Platform being used: Each has at least one Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account; search through google often

What do they do often? – This part needs good market research and this will include knowing what time your customers go online; what posts do they like; what kind of messages appeal to them and understanding their environment as a whole.

Your goal should not only focus on what your customers want but on what they need so you could properly influence their behavior online. This part of the process is tricky so make sure you get to seek help from Digital experts.

Crossing the bridge – with ease.

Planning Your Digital Marketing 2018 By Infinity Hub

Once you know who your customers are, what platform should you use to get connected to them, you need not just be able to cross that digital scene but to be able to cross it with ease.

Customers won’t spend their time searching for you, you have to make them find you without the hassle. Below are different ways to reach your customers with ease:

Social Advertising – Social Media advertising is considered the easiest and most effective way to reach your customers especially in the Philippines where every Filipino has at least one social media account regardless of age and status.

Retargeting – 98% of your website visitors don’t necessarily turn into customers. Retargeting allows you to show ads to your visitors after they have left your site.

Adwords – Google AdWords is cost-efficient since you will only pay if someone clicks your ad.

E-mail – Although some may not still believe it e-mail marketing continues to be the most effective in terms of delivering the best ROI especially if you were able to build a good list of your customers. If you were able to develop great content that your customers find helpful, they could turn into leads and can triple the growth of your business.

Let the expert build the bridge.

Digital Marketing is effective yet challenging to pursue. Like building a bridge, not everyone has the ability to build one so you will be needing an expert to guide you to create a stable and strong digital foundation that will help you cross the digital space without any fear of getting drowned with information and online jargons.

There’s no other time to work on your Digital Marketing plan but now.

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