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The Only Effective Way to Boost Your Sales

A lot of people will tell you numerous ways to boost your sales. Some even offer solutions that aren’t proven to deliver the best ROI yet. In the presence of various measures offering the “BEST WAYS EVER”, there is only one way among those that are proven to be really effective – Facebook Advertising Strategy or Social Media Marketing Strategy.

Today, Facebook has an estimated two billion users, most of which use the social media platform in one hour or more every single day. In fact, in the Philippines, a person spends an average of four hours a day on social media, 90% of which is on Facebook. Worldwide, about 1 in every 5 people will react and/or share posts on Facebook each day.

Of all the social media platforms available, why should you advertise on Facebook?

Targeted ads.

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Social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram will tell you that yes, like Facebook, you can also advertise through their platform. But why is it advisable to do Facebook ads? Marketing and promotions do not only focus on the quantity of reach. It is true that Twitter and Instagram also have their wide reach but digital marketing is not just a simple numbers game.

Facebook offers various ways on how you could maximize ROI through the right targeting of an audience. With Facebook, you can choose and hone your audience based on age, location, gender, and online behavior. In addition, if you have a Facebook page, you can customize your audiences and you can select “people who like your Facebook page” and there is also an option “Friends of the people who like your Facebook page” depending on your marketing needs.

Targeting your customers is easy through Facebook. Do not think twice. Try it now.

Small price + Big Reach = Good leads

Businesses, whether big or small, will always put their budget into consideration especially in terms of marketing their businesses online. Some are still reluctant to spend an x amount to promote their businesses. In Facebook, this is not an issue to put your energy on. Facebook offers deals that are within your budget. In fact, for as low as $20 or Php 1,000, you can reach more than a thousand people online, well-targeted of course, and will definitely be converted into good leads.

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Digital Marketing research and data platform eMarketing Pro reports that 95.8% of social media marketers worldwide believe that Facebook provides the best ROI among all social media platforms surveyed. Facebook is followed by Twitter (63.5%) and Instagram (40.1%).

There is no other social media platform that could help you reach your goal of targeting your customers and producing quality leads.

Facebook ads will make your company become a real thumb stopper – now.

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