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Miss Universe Lessons For Business

The Miss Universe Organization empowers women to realize their social, professional, and philanthropical goals through interactions that create self-confidence and serve as catalysts for future success. They celebrate beauty, all kinds of beauty, and provide the tools that help women to feel their most beautiful:’ Confidently Beautiful.’With pageant season coinciding with the end of the calendar year, and pageantry naysayers tending to come out of the woodwork, I want to share 5 key lessons and transferable skills which are very useful in business. Here are the Miss Universe lessons for business:

1. Comfort In Front Of The Camera

Comfort In Front Of The Camera


Most people tense up or freeze in front of cameras. It can be intimidating. Producing video content and hosting webinars is increasing in popularity. Executives and business development professionals must master a level of comfort that allows them to come across as authentic and credible in front of the camera.

2. Posture, Poise, And Confidence (and how to walk in heels)

Posture, Poise, And Confidence


Poise and confidence come through in the way you stand, use the space and address a room. This draws significantly from Albert Mehrabian’s seminal research into nonverbal communication.

3. Speech



Understanding how to develop and deliver an effective speech is important for both pageants and businesses. Knowing how to tell your story effectively can make all the difference in being heard and well-received.

4. Fearlessness And Resiliency

Fearlessness And Resiliency

Always enter pageants or a business intending to win. But if you don’t succeed, find lessons to take away that you can use in the future and focus on the positives gained. Be not afraid of rejection — nor risks. Business is always a risk, so be fearless and make it worthwhile.

5. Teamwork And Project Management

Teamwork And Project Management


Contestants have a small support network, but ultimately they have to “pull it all together” themselves. Contestants write and construct a speech that shows who you are; design and manage the construction of a cultural costume and an evening gown; manage timetables and personnel (not to mention the um… personalities and competing priorities of pageant coaches and national directors) – all while maintaining a smile. Time management. Project management. Logistics. Personnel and relationship management. These are as relevant in the business world as they are on the pageant stage.

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