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Invisible Marketing

Modern consumers know that marketing is everywhere, influencing our activities, purchases, choices, and lifestyles. A lot of it is obvious, but some of the best marketing is invisible, meaning that people probably don’t even realize it when they see it. Why is this type of marketing so valuable? Learn more!

Companies need to have a solid foundation of traditional branding and marketing efforts before they can expect to succeed with invisible marketing alone.

1. Impactful

Invisible Marketing Is Impactful


Consumers receive thousands of marketing messages every day, so standing out from the crowd is essential. Businesses have to consider how they’ll attract customers and how to retain them, often in over-saturated markets.

2. Can Be Low-Cost

Invisible Marketing Can Be Low-Cost


Successful invisible marketing doesn’t always have to mean giving the cow away for free. It often means adding value at an important touchpoint in your customer’s journey with the company.

3. Contagious

Invisible Marketing Is Contagious


User-generated content, when harnessed successfully, can be the holy grail of invisible marketing. Word-of-mouth recommendations are brand gold; people trust their friends’ opinions and view their suggestions as authentic and valuable. When a customer creates the message and publishes it to their medium of choice, marketers get little hearts in their eyes à la my favorite emoji.

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