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You Need a Chatbot in your Company – Now

All of us have been customers – when we dine in restaurants when we pay our bills when we travel to a different place. Yes, and like the usual customers, we hope for good customer service, right?

We fret whenever our questions aren’t answered right away. We dread hearing “Please stay on the line and our customer service representative will attend to you shortly.” But that “shortly” means another ten to fifteen minutes of waiting, sometimes more and we end up talking to the customer service representative in just five minutes. Isn’t it fair right?

Not all inquiries are worth spending too much time on. In the age of automation, businesses need to level up in terms of customer relations.

Spare humans from the basics.

Basic questions and inquiries need not make the customers wait for more than five minutes especially now that due to the rise of social media and connectivity, immediate feedback is much appreciated by them.

What do we need? A Chatbot.

The rise of Chatbot opens the possibility of efficient customer engagement. When humans can possibly lose their temper, Chatbots will answer as they were programmed to – in the most professional, empathetic, and sometimes, funny way.

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Multi-task efficiently

Chatbot’s, like humans, have different personalities. There is a bot that serves a weather forecaster; a news reporter; a reliable grocer and can even act as a personal secretary who schedules your meetings.

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For businesses, having a chatbot could help scale up your company’s operations. A regular person can handle at least 4-5 customers every ten minutes depending on the gravity of the inquiry or concern of the customer. With a chatbot, it will be limitless.

Engagement is the key to customer loyalty.

Now that most of the people are online, the key to boosting your company’s sales is to keep them engaged with your brand. Aside from the usual social media marketing strategies, you have to keep them updated and involved by being the company that is just a tap away.

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Chatbots converse with your customers anytime, spicing up the engagement and making your online presence felt more than usual. Once the customers feel that you will attend to whatever their inquiries or concerns are, this leads to customer satisfaction, and eventually, you’ll gain their loyalty.

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Imagine yourself in the shoes of your customers – you having a bad day and you need to check out your flight status or update your bank information or check your current internet bill then you’ve sent a message to the company’s social media account and got immediate feedback, what would you feel?

Do not think twice. You really need a Chatbot for your company – NOW.

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