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How to Boost Your Sales This Christmas Season

The Christmas rush is coming and you need to keep up with the pace of your customers. When almost every company would turn their focus to giving sales and discounts, you need to take the road less traveled.


The Christmas season means days and nights of road congestion. Almost every company – whether for food, clothing, and any other business or merchandise will create their own style of convincing their customers to patronize their products. Some would create discounts and sales, others would try to have their own events and CSR activities to market their businesses.

You need not follow their lead. This is the right time to create relevant noise. Why? On average, a person’s travel time from office/school to home will double or sometimes triple during the Christmas season. This will be an opportunity for you to maximize the idle time of your customers because 70-80% of them will turn online to release the boredom.

Christmas is the best time to be online and stay online. Give more effort to your online campaigns and receive the gift of increased sales.


Surprise your loyal customers by sending them messages bearing your gratitude for their support and encouraging them to continue patronizing your products in a subtle way. Nothing beats thoughtfulness and genuine love for the people who have been supporting your company since day 1.

Go and sing them the Christmas carols in your own way. A dose of appreciation is the simplest yet the highest form of giving love.


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Christmas happens only once a year. You better think of offering services and gimmicks that you only give during this season. You might want to offer free online consultations (for service-oriented companies) or free loyalty gifts and other exclusive freebies that are both beneficial to your customers and your company’s exposure.

The Christmas season is just one of the much-awaited seasons in the Philippines. You need not wait for your competitors’ tactics before you get out of the building and think of ways on how you can boost your sales. There are thousands of ways on how to but think of these three INFINITips to get started.

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