You Are Currently Viewing Facebook Launched Two New Emojis, And Here’S How The Internet Reacts

Facebook Launched Two New Emojis, And Here’s How the Internet Reacts

Facebook has released two new emojis that are now available both in Facebook and Messenger apps as well as in the normal web version of Facebook. Click Here! Facebook Launched Two New Emojis will be a new way for users to show their sympathy and support amid the pandemic that the world is facing today.

Facebook Launched Two New Emojis

However, in spite of the good intention of the platform, many have found these emojis quite awkward. One of the two new emojis is the “care” emoji, a smiley face emoticon hugging a heart, which means a gesture that the user is caring about someone else. Though it may seem cute for others, many said that it is very similar to a stuffed bear with a heart, a symbol of last-minute St. Valentine’s Day gifts

The second emoji is the purple throbbing heart which is designed to be used in the Facebook Messenger app. Click Here! This, in itself, is already awkward; adding to its peculiarity, however, is its resemblance to the Warner Brothers cartoon’s logo “That’s all folks!”

Regardless of the intent behind these emojis, it is undeniable that they are an attempt to improve communication online. It simply is a fact that it is hard to show and put emotions on our comments; thus having these emojis can make it a lot easier. It is easy to pick a fight on any social media platform because we cannot read the other party’s reactions, but emojis can help us to relay our message smoothly. It can also add life to our message.

Facebook Launched Two New Emojis are already out and many Facebook users have attested to seeing and using them. But most of the users will be seeing these within a week. The emojis are rolling out to Facebook and Messenger apps, as well as the regular website.

Twitter users, on the other hand, are underwhelmed with these new emojis. According to some tweets, the Coronavirus emojis were an insincere response to the pandemic. They have seen the emojis as an awkward attempt to join the COVID-19 empathy bandwagon. Know More! Several Twitter users find it hard to visualize how the Facebook “care” emojis will make life under quarantine any better. It is indeed hard and frustrating to be in this situation. People want to go back to the life that they have before this pandemic started.

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