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Creating Infinite Impact, the Infinity Hub way

It was 2007 when I’m sitting at my desk, consuming my coffee, and applying for almost every job vacancy online. Thought it’s not going to work out. Why are they going to hire me if I haven’t had much experience myself? That fear of being rejected visits me almost every day and I somehow get used to the idea that I will not make it.

I tried to build my portfolio, applying for certification, reading books, improving myself. I’d realized that the path to gaining people’s trust is not as easy as I thought it would be. Fast forward to 10 years after, I now have a 4-year old baby. A Digital Marketing company called “Infinity Hub”. And this year like in the past years, being the CEO of this company made me a better person every single day.


A lot of people would think that when you have a bachelor’s degree and had a formal education in a good school. You will definitely land a good job. It’s our destiny, they say. But I never had the chance to maximize that privilege because I am focused on my goal – to give first.

Gilmar Padua With Baguio Participants New Year 2017

Built my portfolio by giving quality work in exchange for little to almost no monetary benefits. What I learned throughout my exposure to the startup community in Davao is to give first – the service. The assistance and invest in building relationships first then you’ll be able to reap the fruit of receiving those smiles and the bigger gift. Which is trust from the community.

This is what I continue to impart to my team at Infinity Hub. Our mission is anchored upon providing quality services and ensuring that our clients get more than what they deserve. With a focus not on what they want but on what they need.

Gilmar Padua New Year 2017

This attitude had helped me, my team, and Infinity Hub to be where it is now. We will continue to give first with the promise of bringing in quality services and putting the clients on top priority.


Infinity Hub’s thrust is geared towards being a partner for achieving our client’s success. Our client’s joys are ours too thus we couldn’t afford to let our clients down.

Being goal-driven myself, I make sure that my team’s passion is aligned with our client’s goals. I will always make sure that aside from ensuring my clients’ success. My team will also get the fulfillment they deserve as we hand in handwork towards achieving our primary goals.

Gilmar Padua Ris Dapitan Graduation

Infinity Hub will not be where it is today if not for the dedication and positive attitude of the people behind it. We focus on the goal. Execute plans based on the needs of our clients and we make sure that the fruit of our labor is beneficial to all sides.

We focus on the goal, yes and I am proud to say that this year. We have helped our clients achieve theirs in the most cost-efficient and effective way possible.


This 2017, I was given the opportunity to give back to the community that enriched me and helped me achieve my goals through the Rural Impact Sourcing Technical Training (RISTT) Program. RISTT is a government-initiated program that aims to create a nation of Digital entrepreneurs by providing comprehensive training. To equip the talent pool in the socially disadvantaged areas in the country.

The RISTT inspired me as it helps communities develop their talent pool and inspire the locals to see the possibilities and opportunities in this Digital Age. There are a good number of Digital entrepreneurs and it’s even more motivating to see the numbers grow day by day. Some people say it’s weird because I am helping out my future competitors but for me. Building the community and empowering them is as good as it challenges every person to do better. Truth be told, some of the trainees are even better than I do and are more creative and that is something to be thankful for.

Gilmar Padua Ris Tagum Graduation

We will achieve our goals if we only help one another. I will always be indebted to DICT for the opportunity to serve and pay the favor forward. I’am learning every day from my teammates, from Infinity Hub’s clients, from the trainees. And the people I encounter and there’s no better way to keep learning than sharing it with others and gain more insights in the process.

Infinity Hub aims to continue creating Infinite Impact by helping businesses with their Digital Marketing strategies.

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