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Avoid Holiday Sales Slump With These Three INFINITips

How to avoid Holiday Sales Slump? The start of the Christmas season means consecutive holidays and a lot more vacation for your company’s team members, mostly taking their much-awaited official leave at an earlier date. This also means, your core team will be in a holiday mood, focusing mostly on the plans of the parties, the dress to wear, and the gifts to buy.

You should not let your marketing and sales suffer. Consider these three tips on how you could still engage your customers even when everyone is in a holiday mood:

Send e-mails to your prospects – not the boring ones

You will know if it’s the holiday when you will receive e-mails from businesses and companies you haven’t had any connection with, right?

It is oftentimes annoying especially when they will only tell you to have a “Merry Christmas” and a “Happy New Year”. Given the busy schedule of the people during this season, it is important that you ensure that the content of your e-mail is something that is worth the click. How? Send in something informative and beneficial to them. If you wanted to keep your brand on top of your existing and prospective clients, your e-mail should be more of something that will help them as they plan for the coming year. If you are in the clothing business, you may send them a few tips or at least a prediction of the upcoming trend in clothes in 2018.

Everyone is busy these days until the end of the year so make sure you are creating something that is beneficial to your company and your clients as well. Having a mutual benefit is the kindest thing you could do this Christmas (and you will get to promote your company and brand in a creative manner, cheers!).

Be your company’s ambassador.

Since everyone is out of the office or on vacation this season, it pays that you become your company or your business’ branding ambassador. From your personal posts on social media to your responses to comments online as well as the things you talk about at parties, it pays that you give your business a sort of promotion in a subtle way.

Practice Generosity through referral discounts.

Word of mouth is still the best and most effective way to attract clients. Getting the trust of the people close to your prospective client’s hearts will definitely encourage them to do the same.

Referral discounts are away also of sending in a dose of appreciation to your existing clients. Once your clients feel appreciated, they will more likely encourage the people in their circle to patronize your business as well.

Do not let the holiday break disrupt your business’ continuous boost on sales. You can still enjoy the holiday and share the holiday cheer while still being present online.

If you think you still don’t know what to do, beep us up. We can help. Sign up for a no-obligation marketing assessment today to get started.

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