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Chatbots: Your AI Business Partner

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a computer program or software that emulates human conversation or “chatter” via text or voice interactions.

The most basic chatbot support uses simple if/then information statements and is programmed to recognize phrases and respond accordingly. 

Business to consumers (B2C) and business to business (B2B) environments use chatbots as virtual assistants assigned to handle simple tasks. Using chatbots allows users to reduce the overhead cost of the workforce and enables organizations to provide appropriate customer service during hours when users aren’t available or present online.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is defined as a computer-generated system that simulates a human’s ability to understand and learn. 

With the advancements of AI, humans can tell computers what the goal is, and the AI will comprehend and optimize a way to get there using calculation and algorithms that simulate how humans think – but much faster.

Not all chatbots have AI technology, but not all AI technology can be chatbots. However, chatbots have features that are AI-like. 

Chatbots vs Artificial Intelligence

Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence are two computer-generated systems that are often lumped together. But what is the difference between the two?

Not all chatbots use Artificial Intelligence, and not all AI has a messaging interface. But when you integrate the two of them, you get a beneficial AI assistant, or “bot.”

Chatbots are strictly customer-facing, and they may use AI to understand customers better or surface better information. AI can deliver helpful information on the user side or uncover insights based on customer conversations and ratings.

Why use chatbots?

Chatbots originated from an elementary request from customers – we want faster answers. With growing businesses struggling to meet the demands of incoming inquiries, the use of chatbots is an excellent opportunity to be invested in.

According to the Motley Fool, Facebook messenger bots for customer service reported a 70% failure rate after they launched. 

But when used for a narrow objective and backed up by powerful AI technology, chatbots can help provide a wide range of benefits for customers and for customer service teams.

Chatbots for Customer Service

Chatbots can still be incredibly helpful for customer service teams, especially in high-volume conditions where the same questions come up frequently.

Chatbots can also make customer service more effective and efficient by gathering information, verifying data accounts, and triaging before connecting customers to help, including the following:

Using Chatbots for Gathering Information

When a customer prompts a conversation, there are a lot of formalities to go through before help is provided; this is a common strategy of businesses to collect lead data from the visitor such as name, contact number, and email address.

Using Chatbots for Providing Help

Some chatbots can proceed even further and attempt to provide help to the customer by offering information from a knowledge programmed in the system. These chatbots use NLP or Natural Language Processing to digest what the customer is asking for and search existing answers to surface them for the customer.

Suppose that your customers ask repetitive inquiries to your platform. In that case, a chatbot will immediately entertain your customer with the saved data in your program. Not only will your customers get the answer they are looking for, but they’ll also get them immediately and at any time.

Using Chatbots for Simple Transactions

Due to the customizable features of chatbots, including all the benefits mentioned above, the bots can process simple transactions like booking an appointment, making a reservation, buying a commodity, sending follow-ups or after-sale services, and a lot more.

Most significant benefits of chatbots for your company

They give your company a face.

Chatbots can help you present your company to your customers by giving your company a face. The chatbot is the welcoming touchpoint of your business; it provides visitors with an idea of what your business is and what you are selling.

You are available – immediately.

Chatbots give users the freedom to do other activities in their business, including operations, management, accounting, and marketing. Bots are activated 24/7 to provide visitors with full attention for their inquiries and concerns.

They can increase your sales.

If you manage to get the appropriate information and offers to your potential customers at the right time, you can enormously increase your chances of closing the deal.

You can gain insights into customer behavior.

Another considerable advantage of using chatbots for businesses is giving you insight into your customer behavior. There are valuable insights for your future business strategy from the questions, problems, and popular products mentioned in the chatbot conversations.

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