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5 Tips To Prepare Us For Future Opportunities

Tips to prepare us for the future opportunities? Read more! Unique personal opportunities for career and personal advancement, in fields that we are interested in, are all around us. Sometimes they don’t manifest as quickly as we would like. However, we shouldn’t get discouraged, because there are some very specific things that we can do to prepare ourselves for future opportunities, and when they manifest, because of our preparation, we will be ready to provide immediate and significant value.

This article will give five tips that we can do right now to prepare ourselves for future opportunities. Even if we aren’t working in our dream job or business right now, if we do these things, opportunities will come into our life. What we do after that is up to us.

1. Stay Informed

Stay Informed


We should stay informed about what’s going on in our field. What are the trends? Where are the opportunities right now? In a year? In five years? Developments will inform our education and networking efforts; however, if we aren’t aware of what is going on, then we may miss out on opportunities that will manifest for those people who are in the right place at the right time. We can be that person by staying apprised of what is going on in the industry.

2. Build Platform/Portfolio

Build Platform Or Portfolio


There are things that we can do right now in our chosen field to build our platform or portfolio, even if we think we aren’t working in our ideal setting. Look for writing and speaking opportunities. Start a blog and create a meaningful contribution to the advancement of our field. Get involved with organizations, and research any volunteer or mentoring opportunities. The more we do, the more that opportunities are likely to come our way.

3. Make Learning A Habit

Make Learning A Habit


Embrace the opportunity that we have right now to educate ourselves in our field. Make learning a habit. Schedule time for it daily, and stick to our plan. How bad we want this opportunity will determine the priority that we place on our self-directed education. Do we want it badly enough to forsake our regularly scheduled TV session tonight? The more we educate, the better prepared we will be to immediately contribute when we have the chance.

4. Establish Positive Relationships

Establish Positive Relationships


Network, network, network, but do it in an intelligent way. Look to add value to people. Find ways that we can be a benefit to those with who we are looking to associate. People always make time for those who can add value to their life. Be one of those types of people. This is where having some form of positive contribution (like writing or blogging) can be a value entered into a new relationship.

5. Create Value

Create Value


Ask ourselves this question: how I am going to create real value for others in my chosen field? Take time to answer this question thoroughly. Make a plan to create the value, and then begin at once to execute our plan. The more value that we can create for others in our chosen field, the more successful we will be in our field, and the more opportunities that will continually come our way.

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