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Kim Chui Sa SocMed May Batas: Social Media Marketing Lessons

ABS-CBN, one of the leading broadcasting networks in the Philippines, was confronted with a new crisis involving one of their star Kim Chui as they faced closure due to the problems of their renewal of franchise. Many of their talents have released statements and their feelings about the said closure.

Among these talents who shared her standpoint is Kim Chui. However, upon her interview, she gave a statement that made many of us raised an eyebrow. This paved way to “Sa classroom may batas …” to become viral. It has been circulating the past few weeks, and some have even created a remix for it.

Despite the unwanted publicity, there are lessons that we can take from this, especially if you want to upgrade your marketing skills: Here are the top social media marketing lessons we can get from Kim Chui:

Sa Socmed May Batas: Social Media Marketing Lessons From Kim Chui

Know Your Audience

For your content to go viral, you should remember that it is not enough to post it. You should know what type of audience you are reaching. In the case of Kim, she knew who exactly she wants to achieve, us Filipinos. It’s easy for her to use a different language, but she made sure that her audience can understand her point.

Connect With Them Emotionally

You need to remember that most high-quality content became active because of their emotional connection. Kim Chui’s fire was evident during the interview, which created a relationship between her and her audience. The emotion that she showed made it easier for people to know her message.

Share A Story That People Can Relate To Through Your Content

People would remember your content more if what you will be posting is something that they can relate to. For instance, Kim Chui used her viral “Sa classroom …” statement, and because of this, many people reacted because they can refer to it.

Keep It Concise And Memorable

Even though she didn’t deliver what she intended to say, she kept it short; thus, making it easier to remember. Also, she made an impact by reiterating her example again and again. Furthermore, she used some words that can stick to the minds of the people.

Find The Right Time To Share Your Content

What she said during the interview resonates not only with the closure of her network, but with the present situation as well. It became relevant as her message points out our compliance with the “stay at home” at home policy.

Make The Best Out Of The Situation

Many people have created memes and composed songs about this, instead of moping around due to the backlash she received, Kim Chui was able to rise from the situation and even created a full version of the song. In the end, she created another opportunity for people to talk about her more.

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