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Last Year’s Holiday Season and The Infinity Hub Team Was All Ready for It

It was the time of the year again when people rejoiced in the season of giving and loving. 

The Infinity Hub Christmas Party 2022 was one of last year’s highlights. Everyone was in awe and grateful for the presents they received. Most importantly, for the memories they shared.

Last year’s party was a blast! They had more time spent with one another despite the challenges they faced in the previous years due to the pandemic. The party was fun, and everyone played with excitement—TikTok Group Dance, Try-Not-to-Laugh Challenge, you name it. There are no words that can describe how much fun they had during this event, but one thing is for sure, it was a fantastic experience that they would never forget.

Undeniably, the joy, laughter, and fun swirled in the spirit of each and everyone, which defines the true meaning of Christmas. The relationship they created with each other is one haven where they will always feel welcome. It’s a circle where they can be themselves without feeling out of place because everyone is like a family, which is why they call it home!

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Haven’s Dew Resort

Haven’s Dew Resort was the first venue of the Infinity Hub Christmas Party 2022, located in Sitio Balatukay, Manga, Bansalan, Philippines. It’s filled with alluring views and a breath of fresh air, to the delight of everyone. It comprises different kinds of attractions, such as the broad field of flowers, unique horticultural landscape, and other breathtaking sceneries that complement the greenery of the place. The team had some fun, and exciting activities like the superman zipline, bicycle zipline, and never-ending picture-taking captured moments.

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Jardín de Señorita Mountain Resort

Jardin de Señorita Resort was the second stop of the Infinity Hub Christmas Party 2022. Green and healthy trees covered the place with colorful houses surrounded by vibrant flowers that bloomed. Everyone was astounded by the majestic mountains and glorious garden views.

In the garden itself: lively and vibrant colors

The Jardin de Señorita is home to exquisite flowers. Amid the greenery, everyone enjoyed these vivid red, purple, magenta, yellow, and white that indeed bloomed. The team also saw Lavender, Daisy, and a variety of other blossoms that give off a sweet aroma that supplements to brighten the scene.

They got a close-up look at the natural wonders by walking along the rows of flowers. It was tempting to pose and to take many pictures from this breathtaking view and scenery. 

The rest of the resort followed the same theme, with vibrant flowers flourishing in the garden. There were several artificial attractions in the place that the Infinity Hub team loved. They took a tour of the area and took in the pastel-colored dwarf houses, the picturesque white home, and the miniature red-and-white windmill! Indeed, the whole vibe of the place was visually appealing.

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