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Digital Marketing in the Philippines

The Internet Penetration in the Philippines

The Philippines’ digital marketing history dates back to the 20th century when the internet was invented. It has revolutionized many people all over the world, including many Filipinos. Filipinos’ affinity to adapt to global trends has dramatically changed how the digital marketing industry has come to be in the present time.

Traditional media included broadcast television, radio, cable and satellite television, print ads, and billboards. Traditional media requires a considerable budget, so not many can afford it.

For example, to advertise a product on television, a company must pay the actors, the production team, and the different TV stations to broadcast the commercial.

Digital Marketing Landscape Shift

The main reason newspapers and magazines are reducing their circulation is that digital marketing is revolutionizing the industry. People check sports news or classified ads through their mobile phones rather than reading printed media.

Businesses that prefer to reach customers quickly have a wide range of digital marketing options. At the same time, conglomerates and large organizations can choose whether they want to use print or online banners.

In addition, it costs less to advertise online. For the past 20 years, media has transformed faster than ever. Consumers are increasingly switching from one medium to another, and media companies must adapt to the expected new digital landscape.

Understanding Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is about scaling down your brand’s core values and message and making them easily accessible to the right target market. It’s about understanding the consumers’ needs, providing helpful content and experiences that match those needs, and driving people to your product or service via a strategic online marketing campaign.

Three Types of Digital Marketing in the Philippines

Social Media Management

Social media marketing is a compelling method to grow your audience, get more followers, and drive more sales for your business. Data from surveys show that most Filipinos spend time browsing their social media on their mobiles.

The trick to becoming successful with social media marketing is to know which social networks are most effective for your industry.

  • Facebook

The digital marketing world is constantly changing, and you must keep up. Facebook is the country’s most popular social media platform, with a range of tools that allow you to do just that. From creating your own content to finding the latest trends and more. You need to reach the right internet users to target effectively to get more customers.

Digital marketing on Facebook is not just about selling products but also sharing all sorts of related things to your brand or products.

  • Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is not just about sending messages. As you may have noticed, any small business owner or a prominent company owner can opt to run their ads on FB Messenger.

By taking advantage of the most popular chatting platform, digital marketers can develop an effective marketing strategy to boost a brand.

  • Instagram

Instagram is more about creating creative and engaging photos and short videos. Instagram is one of the best channels for content marketing and promoting client loyalty. Nearly three-quarters of all Facebook users in the Philippines are also on Instagram, and it’s extremely rare to see someone not having both accounts. In addition, Instagram is a very interactive platform.

Because most Filipinos are digital, they find it easy to get themselves connected and updated on the go through Instagram. If a brand wants to connect with its potential customers, then the best way is through online marketing on Instagram.

  • Twitter

Twitter is one of the best platforms for your business to reach out to more Filipinos. It can be helpful when you have a special offer that you want to make available in the Filipino market, such as events, sales, and product availability.

Twitter enables brands to target a specific audience since only a certain account’s followers can have access. Marketing brands on Twitter is ideal for accounts with a significant following and already established brand loyalty.

Other Social Media Platforms

You can find many companies selling life online on Tiktok, posting ads on Reddit, or even advertising their products on Youtube Shorts or sponsored Youtube videos. Business owners can jump on the current trend, promote their brands to more Filipinos and develop strategic content marketing campaigns on various social media platforms.

Other social media platforms ideal for online marketing strategies in the Philippines include Linkedin, Pinterest, WhatsApp, and Viber.

Hire Infinity Hub Digital Marketing Agency to Manage Your Social Media

Our strategy focuses on understanding your audience so we can deliver the right message to them. We do this by examining how and why people use Facebook, FB Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms to fully understand their needs and desires. With this information, we create content specific to your audience and a step ahead of the competition.

In addition, only in this era, where technology and social media are used to achieve business goals, has a brand’s online presence becomes more important than ever. People don’t just look at words but pictures for credibility.

Thus, one must be careful how they present themselves through their cover photo. We can help you create creative content and schedule the postings on your behalf.

Email Marketing

Email can be one of the most effective marketing channels. Email marketing is not as old school as you may think. It’s still effective, and there’s still an excellent chance to get visitors from your email in today’s technology-driven world.

Unlike social media, email is not limited by time or place so that you can reach as many users as possible 24/7. Email marketing brings customers back to a business again and again. With email marketing, you can capture the attention of new and existing customers alike by sending them email updates about new partnerships and other company news.

Hire Infinity Hub Digital Marketing Agency to Develop the Right Email Marketing Strategies For You

Hire our digital marketing agency in the Philippines for your business growth. We have a team of experts who know various ways to implement email marketing best practices. We can help come up with practical and engaging email content. We can assist you in having a better understanding of your customers and catching their attention.

Developing a Website

A website is one of the best ways to communicate with your customers and potential customers and build your brand. They are great for boosting visibility, targeting mobile users, accessing content, and fostering relationships with potential clients.

Your website will help you reach potential customers who might have overlooked you. With a website, people can browse through previous purchases and directly compare them with other products. The site will also help people find you from search engines and social media sites like Facebook.

If your main goal is to sell directly, then a website would help accomplish that goal by allowing for easier navigation or landing page based on their interests.

Hire Infinity Hub Digital Marketing Agency to Develop Your Website

Here are two reasons why you should hire us to develop your website:

  1. Customize the ideal website for your company.

    With our affordable prices, quality, and excellent design services, your site will be highlighted in search engines on all digital devices and help increase your brand awareness.

    A custom website can help you grow your business or expand into your target audience and new markets. Your website will be accessible from every device, allowing potential customers to find you, even those using an older browser version like Internet Explorer or Firefox.

  2. Develop the right approach to increase your ROI.

    Many small businesses start with one website and then add another or a third, and so on. Our approach is to create a website for you that is scalable, dynamic, mobile-friendly, and lets your visitors find you easily.

    Using these principles, we guarantee that our client’s websites will increase in traffic by 201%—the average return on investment (ROI) on our websites is 20 times greater than that of other agencies.


Digital marketing is a cost-efficient alternative to traditional marketing. The key is to target the right audience, and that’s what we can help you with.

We are your digital managing partner for all of your online efforts. We can help you streamline your large company or even if you are a start-up business owner. From online businesses to even those with physical stores and branches outside the country, we can help you!

Trust us to help you have a massive pool of customers, give you more exposure, help you with SEO, reach the correct type of Filipino audience and even across Southeast Asia, and help you develop growth strategies for your business.

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