Rest assured that in our hands, you will be infinite.

Infinity Hub is a creative online marketing agency that helps businesses attract better leads and convert them into customers.

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About Infinity Hub

We are a young, web-based company – tailored to provide your needs, the way you want it to be. We offer the best information technology services that defined this generation:

  • Responsive Web Development and Web Design
  • Logo Design and Graphics Design
  • Image Manipulation and Animation
  • Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing
  • Virtual Assistance

We build brilliant websites, create champion designs, actualize animation features, and make marketing more strategic. Most of all, we make your life a whole lot easier.

We are passionate for your success. We are dedicated to deliver exceptional results for you. Rest assured that in our hands, you will be infinite.

Our Mission

We aim to help your business grow via the use of Internet, to maximize impact in your industry.

More than anything else, we aim to support you in every step of the way.

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Our Services


SEO is more than just having a high page ranking for your website to appear on the first page of search engine results. It is focused on reaching your target audience by providing the most relevant results that they could possibly get online.


When it comes to maximizing impact for your brand, there is no better way than letting everyone know what you’re up to on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, or LinkedIn!


Using the most recent web development and web design strategies, you will not only have an attractive website. We will help you maximize impact. We will help you gain customers’ trust and loyalty.


One best way to do it is letting everyone know what you are made of through video animation! We use some of the most advanced techniques in getting motions, shapes, and even illusions blend perfectly well to create one awesome video for you. Whether it is something formal or something cartoonish, our video animation makes all the difference for you and your company.


Because when it comes to branding, nothing speaks for you and your business more than a unique logo design. Your logo design should not only catch the attention of your target audience, but also the essence of your brand.


Undeniably, using graphics has become a key factor if you want people to check out what you have in store for them. Whether you are launching a new product or announcing an upcoming event, we implement EXACTLY what you would want for your visual content.

Words From Our Awesome Clients

  • InfinityHub’s creative graphic design works are attention grabbers in a cluttered social media space. More importantly, it results to prospects wanting to know more about our offerings.
    Janette Toral
    E-Commerce Specialist in the Philippines
  • Infinity Hub is “Rock Solid”! I LOVE their design work! By far, the best guys I’ve worked with in the Web Design Outsourcing Industry. If you are looking for a support team to handle your web design needs, Infinity Hub is my best bet! You won’t be disappointed!
    Ben Francia
    Internet Marketing Consultant
  • Having worked for an advertising agency as well as in the client side for years, I have developed a critical eye for what is good and what’s not so good in design for marketing and selling purposes. I have done this for years in many companies I worked for. What more if the design is for my own business? But InfinityHub is simply awesome. When Gilmar showed me Mediactiv8′s (my company) new logo and website design studies, I got the chills. How can someone who doesn’t really know me (I didn’t give Gilmar extensive creative briefs) do exactly what I want — and so much more? In fact, the first studies he gave didn’t undergo much revisions after I checked them. Now that’s an outsourced team you can completely trust! Thank you Gilmar and InfinityHub! God bless you!
    Mark Delgado
    Digital Marketing Consultant at Mediactiv8

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