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Website. Check. Products and services. Check. Social media sites. Check. Content. Check. Traffic. Ch – wait, what?

Of course, why else would you be posting content on social media sites about your products and services?

Yes, that’s right. . .to increase traffic for your website. But in order to achieve this goal more effectively, you need to use SEO.”

SEO is more than just having a high page ranking for your website to appear on the first page of search engine results.

It is focused on reaching your target audience by providing the most relevant results that they could possibly get online. It is focused on making your website distinctive enough to attract the attention of prospective clients, as well as trusted enough by search engines to provide information for all kinds of end-users.

At Infinity Hub, we help you achieve all these and more.

What SEO Can Do For Your Website?

To truly understand how search engine optimization works, here are four fun facts to go with the basics:

  • - Approximately 1.4 billion searches are done every hour.
  • - The first 5 search engine results gain 75% of users’ clicks.
  • - Most users never get to scroll the second page of search engine results.
  • - Organic results are clicked more than paid results.

Let’s talk about these one by one:

  • That’s about half of the entire population using search engines to look for their needs and wants on a daily basis. Information, products, or services – the first thing people do on browsers like Google is to search for something. Which is why, it is crucial for your website to appear on top of search engine results.
  • Technically speaking, we are busybodies. We only browse a website if: (1) it contains the information we’re looking for or (2) it has something worth sharing on social media sites. Other than that, we just click on the first thing our eyes see on search engine results. Don’t get us wrong, that’s just how it goes to save time.
  • As mentioned before, we are busybodies. Who wants to go on the next page if you already got what you needed? Unless you are not convinced by just a few sources of information, you’ll pretty much be okay with the first websites to appear on search engine results.
  • SEO is all about returning relevant results for users, based on keywords that they enter on the search bar – one of the reasons why most people go for links without “paid advertisement” indicated on it. Yes, you read that right. Paid advertisements are just that, paid to appear on search results – regardless of being relevant to a user’s query or not.

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